Pressings Heathcote Shiraz


All wine is pressed to separate the wine from the solids. During the press cycle most of the wine will drain freely and is called free run. The must, a combination of wine, grape skins and seeds, is then pressed to extract the remaining wine attached to those solids. Wine extracted during this part of the press cycle is generally referred to as pressings.

Press wine is about the heavier tannins and structures they impart back into free run wine. Our “Pressings” is a single vineyard wine, pressed through a basket press, with layers of complexity arising from the subtle changes in the wine during the press cycle. The wine is matured in French oak barrels for 21-23 months, depending on the vintage. We use seasoned oak to produce this full-bodied wine style.

The bouquet and palate typically display intense sour cherry, rich dark plum and spicy oak. The wine style finishes with delicious, persistent chewy tannins. The wine showcases the complex fruit and tannin structures that winemakers cherish.

The Pressings is a robust and balanced wine style which makes it exceptional drinking whilst young, with the structure to develop well into the future. We suggest serving this wine with rare meats including game, beef and lamb, and marinated meats.

Bottled under screw cap and cork.