Non-Vintage Sparkling Shiraz


This wine is matured in seasoned and new French and American oak barrels for 12-15 months depending on the vintages used in the cuvee, and is then bottle fermented for a further 16-30 months. The wine is typically disgorged three times – the first disgorge occurring after approximately 16-18 months on lees; the second at around 24 months and the final disgorge at 30 months. This enables the blend to fully develop its bottle fermentation characteristics, whilst keeping up with demand.

This is a medium bodied wine style that is best served chilled.

Typically the bouquet displays sweet plums and cherries, with spicy overtones and the palate is of intense spicy plums, cherries and sweet berries.

This wine style is perfectly balanced and has a soft, lingering finish which makes it exceptional drinking early and equally well suited to medium term cellaring.

We suggest serving this wine with pre-dinner treats including pate and cheese, Asian style cuisine and sweet meats. It is also great with shortbread, fruit cake, mince pies and other sweet Christmas treats.