Heathcote Victoria Australia

Cellar Door Development

Well, the cellar door project is finally under way.

Phase 1 – The New Road

July 2013

We’ve started to cut the road!

Here is a before shot of the paddock and the works to date.



The next step is to lay the bitumen and connect it to the main thoroughfare!

October 2013

In the meantime, whist we are waiting for the rain to stop and the major roadworks to start on the main road, we have started our revegetation efforts.

We have planted a number of local provenance species including:

–       Black Wattle

–       Egg and Bacon Bush

–       Gold Dust Wattle

–       Golden Wattle

–       Genistafolia (spikey wattle)

–       Long Leaf Box (eucalypt)

–       Wedge Leaf Hop

The planting


So far we’ve put in four hundred plants and the white guards that you can see dotted along the ridge are providing a little microclimate for each.  We now have to keep them alive!

Being plants of local species and provenance, the chances of survival are greater than 80%.  The selected combination of plants will create a wonderful habitat for local birds, and the presence of a new dam in the area will attract a diverse and stable wildlife population over time.  This is exactly what happened with the main vineyard dam that was established in 2002.

Stay tuned for developments as they arise.


November 2013

The works on the main road have started!  The road is being widened on the south side so that there is enough room for a right hand, centre turning lane.

It’s a big job, so there are plenty of “yellow goods” present.  We’ve had a bulldozer, scraper, backhoe, bobcat, tip truck, water truck, frontend loader, grader and two types of heavy rollers working away!

Before shot of the existing road


Grader forming the road base to produce the right slope for drainage and road contours


Roller compacting the road base.  At this stage, the road base was tested to ensure that the road substructure was strong enough to cope with regular vehicle load.


Once approved for strength, the stone was trucked in and compacted to form the road sub-base

Forming the road base

The bitumen was then laid to give us the finished product.

Finished road


The lines now painted and council has signed off on the road.  This is the view from the intersection as you leave the cellar door.  Look left… then right …


February 2014

Whilst all this activity has been happening on the main road there have been some internal works going on.

We have dug a trench for our power supply to the cellar door and laid the electricity cable.

The next job is to partly fill the trench, put in water pipes and then fill the trench!


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