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Our Property

Our vineyard is situated in the Heathcote winegrowing district.  It is located near the Heathcote Grey Town National Park, a state managed national park primarily forested with Iron Bark, White Box, Grey Box and Yellow Box trees.  It is an integral component of the box iron bark forest network across central Victoria.

Over the years we have undertaken a number of revegetation projects, with the objectives being to diversifying our land use and provide environmental benefits to the local region.  Our vision to revegetate with local provenance plant species is being achieved primarily through propagating seed from mature trees growing along the Mt Camel range, and planting them in clusters to create microenvironments that promote species repopulation.  As a side benefit, the Peregrine Falcons have made our site their permanent home and successfully breed here every year!

We now have five quite distinct vegetation areas and they are attracting many birds to our land from the Heathcote Grey Town National Park and surrounds.  Eventually these revegetation sites will merge to form a network across our property and adjoin similar projects on neighbouring properties.

Woodland Understory

The area around our dam is primarily planted with she-oaks, hop bush and wattle trees, including Varnish, Golden and Genistafolia (prickly wattle) sub-species.  This habitat is approximately 11 years old.  The dam itself naturally attracts water birds, and the habitat attracts many other species.

This habitat is home to a number of birds including Crimson Rosellas, Eastern Rosellas, Flame Robins, Galahs, Grebes, Kookaburras, Magpies, Yellow-faced Honey Eaters, Wagtails, Welcome Swallows, White Plumed Honey Easters, Wood Ducks and Zebra Finches.

Open Grassy Woodland

The gully to the south of our vineyard is planted to Lightwood Wattle, White Box, Iron Bark, Hop Bush, Golden Wattle and She-oaks.  There are open grasslands to the south.   The more interesting birds spotted here include Red-Rumped Parrots and Flame Robins.  Falcons and Black Shouldered Kites are often seen hovering over head.  You will also see kangaroos on the move, or simply lazing around.

Wooded Ridgeline

The area on top of our property contains a combination of existing indigenous forest and revegetation.  The existing forest contains a number of mature White Box and Long Leaf Box, and some spectacular Yellow Box trees, some over 600 years old.  These trees have been recently co-planted with indigenous shrubs and trees – primarily Blackwood Wattle, Lightwood Wattle, Prickly Wattle, Gold Dust Wattle, Vanish Wattle, Sweet Bursari, She-oak and Hop Bush.

Peregrine Falcons live along the ridgeline and can be seen soaring across the range throughout the year.  They nest on our land in the ancient trees.  Wedge tail Eagles, Brown Hawks and Black Shouldered Kites are amongst the more notable birds of prey seen here.

We have provided grassland areas for the kangaroos to inhabit and use as a highway without damaging woodland areas.  They love lounging under the She-oaks in the summer!


Our friends, helpers and avid bird watchers – Paul and Susan have been gradually photographing the birds spotted on our land and they are available for you to see, thanks to them!  Click here to view our catalogue to date.


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