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Limited Release – Why Screw Cap and Cork?

Why do we bottle this wine under two closures?

Our wine making journey started at about the same time as the industry was changing the way that wine is sealed.  A wholesale shift was occurring that was seeing corks being replaced by screw cap.

Being wine drinkers before being wine makers we had enjoyed many stunning aged wines.  We had also been benefiting from the 1999 Clare Valley Screw Cap Initiative which provided an opportunity to try Rieslings from 1999 under screw cap and cork.

We were keen to make a wine that would mature well and concluded that red wines would still benefit from a cork seal.  But the industry was shifting to screw cap.  So we solved the dilemma by bottling some wine under each of the closures and have been doing so ever since.

The 2005 vintage is now starting to mature into two different wines.

Click here for further details on what a difference a seal can make.


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