Heathcote Victoria Australia

Why do we make two different Shiraz styles?

Because Sue said!

We started our winemaking adventure with a quandary – what oak would be best to mature our wine in?

Graeme was passionate about French oak and Sue about American oak.

So, we did some trials, many trials in fact, using French and American oak to gain some insight into the influence of the different oaks on our wine.

We were happy with the results and could see a great blend in the making, but Sue said that she wanted to bottle our very small parcel of American Oak as a separate wine, much to the chargrin of everyone else.

So, two wines were made, and the public were in raptures about both.  Our efforts with the first and second releases of the American Oak Blend have each won us a trophy.  The Limited Release French oak is pretty good too having won 4 people’s choice awards.  Both wines are highly rated by James Hallliday.

So we now have lively discussions at the press about what fruit goes where!

Click here for further details on the differences between American and French oak.


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